Since Spain announced it would be open to international travel from July, we have discovered that the summer holidays are now a reality. And as a result, many people have started to research where to go and book somewhere to stay. At the end of May, Andalusia soared to the top of the list of the most sought-after holiday destination for summer 2020. Well ahead of heavyweight competitors such as Florida and the Canary Islands.


Andalusia easily topped the rankings and accounted for 10.78% of all worldwide searches for holiday destinations. Its nearest competition, Florida – a perennial favourite and the top holiday spot for Americans – stood more than four points below with just 6.74% of the share.
Spain too came in as an absolute favourite and accounted for a full third of the world’s searches as holidaymakers browsed destinations for summer 2020. The US took a close second place with 31.5% of the share while Portugal in third position accounted for less than 10%.


As well as coming in as the most sought-after holiday destination for summer 2020, Andalusia also topped the reservations table. A massive 31.66% of all bookings in the last week of May were for the region. Holidaymakers also booked in the Canary Islands (16.7%) and the Comunidad Valenciana (13.4%).
The vast majority of those who booked were couples who made up 43.7% of customers. Families took second place with 22% of the share. Most reservations were for two to five nights in July and August.
The data comes from the online travel portal Travelgate and analysis of 3.000 million searches every day. The portal also registers 20,000 bookings daily.


The list of the region’s attractions runs long and Andalusia welcomes millions of tourists every year. Nature is one major appeal – the region has numerous national parks, vast mountain ranges, forests, a long coastline and even Western Europe’s only dessert.
Many tourists choose Andalusia for its beaches. Those on the Atlantic coast are particularly famous for their long white sands while the Mediterranean offers smaller beaches and resorts on the Costa del Sol.
Culture and gastronomy also feature as big draws. Andalusia’s museums and monuments are among the world’s finest and attract millions of tourists – the Alhambra in Granada, for example, is Spain’s most-visited monument.


Perhaps the most relieved to discover that summer 2020 is going to happen were the Spanish themselves. Residents in Spain accounted for around 80% of the searches indicating that the Spaniards can’t wait for the summer holidays.
Spain’s largest tourist market, the UK, made up around 7% of searches with Portuguese residents in third place and 5% of the share.

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